It is very important to know how to check original Shilajit because only few percent of the products labeled “Shilajit” are original.

Most are imitations or are either real, but contain non-beneficial or even harmful fillers,Very low grade quality, similar looking substances like mummyo or ozokerite, contain no Shilajit at all. Most fake Shilajit is offered in easily counterfeited tincture (liquid) or powder (sometimes in capsules) forms.

How to check if shilajit is pure?

There are Four main factors that can tell if shilajit is pure or not!

  1. First of all shilajit is a semi liquid substance, having gooey and sticky nature.
  2. Pure shilajit will completely dissolve in water, leaving no residue behind.
  3. If you expose it to fire it will not burn, and will become ash.
  4. The most important one is that it will change its form, depending on the temperature. Hot temperature will slightly liquefy it while cool temperature will make it become hard enough that it can be shattered into pieces (like glass) if struck with a hammer.
Do not trust powder form as it may contain additives or fillers.