Booster Pills 2 & Ingredients

Booster Pills 2 are a strong and well balanced mixture of some high powered herbs, being used in ayurvedic medicine for centuries. These pills enhance your sexual strength and stamina to a significant amount. There are no side effects of these pills as they are completely herbal.

Why do I have Sexual problems?

Sexual Problems are common nowadays because of some following factors:

  • Masterbation

  • Inappropriate Bedtime Routine

  • Unhygienic Diet/Food

  • Mental Stress, Anxiety & Fear

  • Smoking

  • Diabetes

  • Medications

  • Cancer

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections and diseases

How can these pills help me?

Booster Pills provide solutions to following sexual problems:

  • Erectile Dysfunction

  • Premature Ejaculation

  • Low Libido

  • Low Testosterone Levels

  • Low Sexual Energy

What are the ingredients of Booster pills 2?

  • Kushta-e-Shangarf

  • kushta-e-Naqra

  • Kushta-e-Jawahir Mohra

  • Kushta-e-Faulad

  • Kushta-e-Hartal Warki

  • Kushta-e-Sammulfar

  • Salajeet

  • Mushk

  • Zafraan

  • Meetha Teliya

  • Beer Bahuti

  • Jawatri

  • Long

  • Kuchla Mudabbar

Frequently Asked Questions

7 thoughts on “Booster Pills 2 & Ingredients”

  1. Does these pills increase the sex or erection timings? If yes then by how many minutes timing will be increased after the complete course?

    1. Yes It will Help in the betterment of your timing. Increment of 5-10 minutes is possible after the course, Although it may vary from person to person.

  2. Please let. Me know the price is there any difference between 000 and 01 a d 02 I have already purchased booster pills 000 but was not very satisfied sfied I am 65 years old pldase advice

  3. i am sugar patient i am 50 now i will take 30 tab to solve my problems in shape of ED timings and all you mentioned in it .. questions is this after having course of month than i will be able to have sex with wife…?
    or can withen some days..?

    1. Sir If you are Above 50 And a sugar patient as well the you will be needing it ad long as you want to have intercourse. No medicine can give you permanent effects. Diabetic patient’s Sexual strength falls a bit faster and recovering through any course is not possible.

  4. What is defferent between 1 pill and pills 2 ? If i take daily one pill and complete course of 30 days as per you say then i never need to do it again and my sexsual power works every time after this course ?

    1. Power Difference Basically, Booster 2 are much more powerful than booster 1. Booster 1 Are purely course based And Booster 2 can be used as both single time before Intercourse and as a course as well.

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