Enlarger Oil Ingredients

Enlarger oil is an organic oil with a well balanced ratios of quality essential herbs which contains elements that increase the size of your penis as well as enhances the stamina and strength. Enlarger oil offers a good method of getting healthy sexual goals.

How does it work?

Do not worry! We have you all covered.

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    1. Sir we have got positive customer feedback as you can see in the reviews. secondly we give 15 days money back guarantee. If you contact us on WhatsApp we may give you other chat feedbacks as well.

    1. Hello Sir first of all We would like to say sorry for the inconvenience. secondly when did you order from us please?. There are many possible reasons that its not showing effects on you, including, masterbation, incorrect routine, inappropriate diet, mental stress or tensions, aged more than 40, incorrect application of oil,having intercourse daily or on every second day without avoiding it. SO please contact us on whatsapp so we can guide you accordingly.

      1. excuse me !!! you haven’t mention anything about inappropriate or propriate diet , not even about mental health or stress , so please yahan ab aap aisi batien nae karien.
        i am under the age of 34. sab kuch waisay hee chal raha hay jou aap nay apni website aur product kay saath label per explain kiya hay.. na hee koi masterbation howrae .
        aap log aisa kyun nae kartay kay koi sample video type bana kar samjha dein apnay valued customers ko ??? like just with the help of index finger , kay how to apply oil on the thing and how to massage ..
        agar koi ghalti per bhe hay toe woh theek howjaye.

        1. Let me enlighten you on this matter. Pehli baat ye ky hum ny puri website per kahin 100% effective Rate nhe likha huwa, that is because of the fact that no medicine can have an effective rate of 100 percent. Now what is is our effective rate? that would be around 90%. How did we calculate did rate? We calculated this according to the negative feedbacks we got from every 100 purchases.
          Now jo baaten mainy pehli kahin ky in sab chezon sy effective rate kam hota hai wo unhin remaining 10 percent ki wajuhat main ati hain jin ko effect nhe hota. secondly jahan tak video ki baat hai tou apny dekha hoga ky hamari puri website per kahin koi vulgar cheez nhe hai so hum kahan sy aik video bana ker apko dikha den ky kaisy massage kerna hai. Agar apko janna hota tou ap humsy whatsapp pey contact ker sakty thy.
          Thirdly massage jaisy merzi karen. baat massage pura na kerny ki hai baat massage ky baadpattti na bandhny ki hai. baat massage ky baad 4 hours tak oil na rakhny sy pehly wash out kerny ki hai. agar ye sab chezen thek hain tou phir Baqi points ky tehet effective rate kam hota hai.
          And for those jin ko effect na huwa ho hum unsy full compensate kerty hain by giving them different test oil ky shayad wo effect ker jaye ya phir 15 days money back guarantee.
          Finally Please validate your purchase before bad commenting, by giving your name, city and order date. Otherwise your comments might get deleted as spam.

          1. Admin Bhai , sab kuch howta hay jaisay aap naya bataya like massage and massage kay baad patti and patti kay baad 4 hours tak wash na karna . aur mein nay apko kab kahan kay aap vulgar video banayen bhai ??? i said ” with the help of index finger” koi video banayen , jismay samjhayen kay massage kis terha karay aap ka customer .
            aap toe bura maan gaye hain …
            ab aap boliengy kay mera 15 days ka time khatam howgaya hay , aap kay number per bataya gaya tha kay 15 din baad result nazar ayega ..
            mera order karachi say tha aur 23rd semtember ka tha . naam mera comment may bhee show howrha hay ..

          2. We do Have an order under Ahmed Zohaib Khan on 22nd sept for Karachi
            Now coming back to your problem, bura manna na manna choren. Ap ye bataen ky apny 15 days ky ander hamen contact kiya ky effect nhe huwa ap refund den? nhe! as such kuch nhe huwa ap 20 days main bhi ajaty main apko refund deta. But unfortunatly there is no record of our conversation. Secondly I already told you ky Kuch logon ko (Around 10%) asar nhe kerta ye or un logon ky liye hum money back guarantee dety hain. ya phir unhen different oil bhejty hain taky effect ho uhen ksii terhan sy. But jab tak ap hum sy contact nhe karengy , Hum apki madad nhe ker skty.

  1. kindly share proper guidance please…
    is it pure herbal?? any side effects??
    its burning sensation and also tell about its usage ….

    1. Yes sir its purely herbal having no side effects, It may give burning sensation right after the application but they are not harmful and will go away in half an hour.
      Usage is as follows:
      Shake the bottle just a bit before using, then take 6 drops of the oil and massage it on penis. Oil has to be massaged daily for 6-7 minutes. Don’t massage on cap part. And on the nerve below connecting the testes and penis. Make sure the oil gets absorbed well in veins mostly on the left and right side. And after that wrap any dressing around. It could be any dressing of your choice but not camlet fabric(reshmi kapra). And let it stay for 3 hours atleast. Its better to use it at night and just go to sleep after its application

  2. Sand lizard oil ko urdu mein Reg Mahi boltay hen lekin aap ne aik jagah isko Sanday ka tail translate kia ha jo ke misinformation ha.

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