Booster Pills(II)


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For Married Persons
Recommended For Sugar Patients
The Man’s Hub brings you the booster pills for enhancing your timing and performance to extreme levels. These capsules are a mixture of those herbs which are primarily used for sexual enhancements and man’s strength.
    • 100% Organic
    • Extreme Power Booster Capsules
    • Improve Stamina
    • For low libido(improves sexual desire)
    • For pre mature ejaculation
    • Extremely helpful for weak Erections
    • Highly recommended for Diabetic Patients
    • Best sex tablets in Pakistan
    (For best results,take one capsule regularly for 30 days.)  

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How to use:


    • Take one capsule after on hour of dinner
    • Each capsule can be taken with milk or water, milk is recommended.
    • Use one capsule per day.
    • For better results complete the course for 30 days.
    • For best results,don’t masturbate.


    • This is not for minors, Keep away from children.
    • High blood pressure patients can keep using it but only after their own medication.
    • Store it in a cool and dry ventilated place.

Additional information


15 Capsules, 30 Capsules, 60 Capsules

14 reviews for Booster Pills(II)

  1. Abdul Rauf Khan

    sir ye nafs k dela pan k liay mufeed hy kia ?

    • Admin

      Gee bilkul Dheela pan ky liye faidemand hai

  2. Rizwan

    What about 50+ ?

    • Admin

      yes 50 + can take these pills

  3. Awais Omer

    O have a question? Iam about to get married in 3 months….. I get good erections in morning and during the day sonetimes, but I have a serious performance anxiety issue, I am afraid that I will not get an erection in my wedding night, can booster pill 1 or 2 be taken for tempelorary results before intercourse ??

    • Admin

      Yes you can take both. if you are above 30 then go for booster 2 and if you are less than 30 then go for booster 1

  4. Anonymous

    Hey wanted to know before ordering i’m 19 can i take this 1 to 2 hour before sex does it beneficial for me? If I take 1 to 2 hour before sex will the timing increase? Kindly answer this then i’ll order

    • Admin

      you will have to go for booster 1 and yes you can take it half an hour before the intercourse and it will increase your timing.

  5. Khan khan (verified owner)

    Very effective

  6. Bilal Ahmed

    The difference b/w Booster pills I & II?
    To add, One has to take a Booster pill (II) daily after dinner for permanent results and recovery or it has to take a pill an hour ago before intercourse?
    Answer three of the above mentioned questions plz. Tnx

    • Admin

      Booster 1 are for people getting married soon and booster 2 are for people aged 30 or above. Below 30 can also take booster 2 but they cannot take it regularly. Booster 1 and 2 both are taken as a course, but booster 2 has more power in it that’s why it can be taken as a singe time before intercourse as well. The course has definitely much better effectiveness.

  7. Raja Gulsattar

    I reed and see your products but I have a some questions your product booster pills 2 registered and ceritfied concerning authorties .

    • Admin

      Sir Its Manufacturers are Registered.

  8. Nasir Hussain

    Booster pills 2 are fabulous,i have bought more than 5 bottles for myslef and for my friends and it has worked just like a magic for all of us and best thing is its not like any other products in market which are harmful.This is the best natural herbal medicine and without any type of side effects,thanks MansHub keep it up!!!

    • Admin

      Thanks for leaving a review, we are thrilled to hear such good feedback. Hope to hear from you again!

  9. Ahsan

    I’m already using your Enlarger Oil. Can i also take these pills together as the concern is to take care of premature ejaculation and increase timing.

    • Admin

      Yes Sir you can.

  10. Ali

    These pills are really good and have nice effect

    • Admin

      Thank you sir. Your feedback means alot to us. And for those who are searching for good medicine online.

  11. Dr. Saleem Chudhary

    I am Dr.Saleem Chaudhary from Karachi(Zamzama). I recommend my patients Booster Pills, because these are herbal in nature and have much less side effects than any other other medicine. If you feel weakness in your man’s strength,try these pills, these will give you a healthy sexual strength with an increase in stamina.
    If you are using any allopathic medicine for sexual power,give up having such medicine , because they have serious side effects.
    Note: My review is not paid, this is for those people who are searching for a good ayurvedic medicine for sexual strength.

    • Admin

      We are really honored to have such a good review from you. and its a pleasure to know that you also recommend these to your patients. Thank you so much.

  12. Muhammad Shahbaz


    • Admin

      Thank you sir, your feedback is really helpful to those who are searching for good products online.

  13. Salman (verified owner)

    I have been searching for good medicine to help my problem almost for 2-3 years, but unfortunately hmarey medicine sell krney waley jhootay aur faraibi hein. Finally Allah ka shukar hai this product has helped me alot and i have seen so much improvement i didn’t even knew i could get my strenght back. Never compromise on the quality of your products guyz packing jesi marzi karlou but quality isitrha achi rakhna. Thank you The mans Hub. Allah aap sabko khushiyan aur sakoon dey

    • Admin

      Thank you so much for your feedback sir. your feedback really made us happy and confident about our product. looking forward to hearing from you again. JazakAllah.

  14. Junago Khan

    Pills are very good and effective,I suggest you to improve your packing.

    • Admin

      Thanks for your feedback sir, we will improve the packing soon.

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